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Dr. Brittany Wilson is a board certified chiropractor specializing in a low force adjusting technique called Atlas Orthogonal. She is additionally board certified in acupuncture and practices Reiki energy healing. She has a passion to introduce those unknowing of chiropractic to all the wonders that can unfold with a chiropractic adjustment.

it all started when...

I was training for a national ballroom dance competition. While squatting heavy weights in the gym one day I felt a pop in my back, pain shot down both my legs and I immediately had to drop the weight. Ironically enough, I had just applied to be a chiropractor's intern. I called him, explained my symptoms, and asked if he could help. I explained that I had to leave town that Friday for a dance competition. He got me in, did an exam, and adjusted me every day leading up to my dance competition. Long story short, I was able to dance and compete that weekend. It was on that day that I became passionate about chiropractic care.

After that experience, I knew that my goal was to become a chiropractor to help prevent other athletes from doing what I did at such a young age. Upon graduating from Western Michigan University, I applied to Palmer College of Chiropractic and began chiropractic school that fall.

In my last few quarters of chiropractic school I was fortunate enough to be a part of Palmer's clinic abroad program where I traveled to Nadi, Fiji. We gave back to the local community and schools doing chiropractic mission work. After graduating chiropractic school I moved to Colorado and began practicing.

After practicing for a few years I still felt like something was missing. It wasn’t until I did some additional digging that I stumbled upon a technique called atlas orthogonal. It is a form of upper cervical that is very gentle and doesn’t require a manual neck adjustment. It was from then on that I felt like I had everything in my chiropractic tool kit that I needed to help my community.


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