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As a new patient to our office, each patient will start their examination with a detailed consultation where Dr. Finnigan will take your case history, do a physical exam and if necessary take digital x-rays. X-ray analysis will be done within 24 hours of being taken. Dr. Finnigan may or may not adjust the patient on the first visit as long as all possible contraindications have been ruled out via physical examination and x-ray analysis. Typically the first visit to your Castle Rock Chiropractor will take 45 minutes to one hour.

Your First Visit in Castle Rock

Upon obtaining the patients' initial new patient paperwork, Dr. Finnigan will go through, ask additional questions, and obtain the patients full history. This is important to the doctor when determining treatment recommendations and necessary care.

During the physical exam, various tests will be performed, including a blood pressure test. In addition, a brief orthopedic and neurological exam will be taken. This allows Dr. Wilson to determine a possible diagnosis. The physical exam provides the information for the doctor to best complete an overall objective assessment.

With Atlas Orthogonal technique, x-ray analysis is required. The x-ray process allows Dr. Wilson to best determine what vectors must be used when performing the atlas orthogonal adjustment. On the first patient visit there will be a second set of x-rays taken. These x-rays are taken following the atlas orthogonal adjustment. This is done to compare both pre and post films and see what should be immediate improvement in the atlas position.

Based off the x-ray analysis, the proper vectors will be determined for the atlas orthogonal adjustment. Before the adjustment can be performed, the doctor will additionally look at the patients' leg length and additionally palpate the cervical spine for muscle spasms and tightness. Dr. Wilson will discuss what was found during the physical exam and go over recommended treatment.

If the doctor believes that the patient is not suited for chiropractic care, or requires another healthcare practitioner, she will notify the patient. If Dr. Wilson believes there are any contraindications to adjusting, she will notify the patient. Appropriate referrals will be made to the patient. There are some cases that don’t require x-rays, such as coming from another atlas orthogonal office where x-rays were previously taken.


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