Atlas Orthogonal (AO) in Castle Rock

What is Atlas Orthogonal (AO) Chiropractic?

Atlas orthogonal (AO) is an extremely gentle technique that does not require any manual manipulation of the spine. It focuses on the first cervical vertebrae, your atlas in relation to the rest of your spine and skull. Through very specific x-rays taken of your cervical spine and skull we determine the most appropriate angles at which to have the instrument adjust.

How does the AO Adjustment Work?

The AO adjustment is a painless, light force adjustment that sends percussive sound waves into the cervical spine which allow the body to begin to restore its natural balance. Keep in mind that often there have been misalignments within the spine for some time, therefore one adjustment may not be enough to undo potential years of a misaligned vertebrae.

What is the Instrument used?

This is a instrument that was engineered and designed with a stylus at the end to delivers a percussive wave that re-positions the atlas vertebrae. Even though the instrument and stylus looks intimidating and painful it is important to remember that the stylus barely touches your skin. You rarely even feel the adjustment being performed.


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